happy snake family :v

year of the snake ayyy


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Be sure to check out the comic My Master is a Naga[nsfw] featuring these babes.



it’s their first anniversary <3

^ and it will be his last

answered 3 months ago on 20 July 2014  

"Israfel and Raphael?" Lips corrected themselves into a warm as the others hand took hold of his hand. His hand swung theirs between them in a soft back and forth motion in hopes of lifting up the king’s mood to a higher level. "Did you give them the ‘powdered whiteness’ in the end?"

"The Twin," He almost forgets that until a relatively short while ago his children were not something well known by his human friend, and even still they are merely faceless names with a brief glimpse into their personalities. The even paced movement of their hands do what the human set out, and he is shifting into a much more pleasant and warm stance. "Much to their dismay I cannot control the weather. Ice is not a power most can take hold of. But they still believe otherwise. After all, if it had snowed, they couldn’t do their chores, but they could sure play."